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Our accolades

We don’t work for awards or rankings, but they are a nice confirmation of our approach to business and a job well done by our personnel, contractors and partners.


Ataner becomes forst recipient of 
Archictectus Civtatis Nostrae – "Builder of Our City”


4 time winners of the
“construction of the year” award.


In 2012, we were ranked first
in the Wielkopolska brand value ranking.


In 2010, we were fourth in the Głos Wielkopolski ranking
In the category of “Most efficient company in  gross profits”



We are triple recipients of the Wielkopolska Regional Economic Prize
in the INVESTMENT category.



We have received the „Dobre bo polskie” („Polish Goods”) and „Wielkopolska jakość” (Quality of Wielkopolska”) certificates.
Add those to the prestigious „Złoty Hipolit”, („Golden Hipolit”) „Złoty Pion” („Golden Plumb-line”), „Złoty Trzos”, („Golden Purse”), „Kamień Węgielny” („Groundbreaker”) awards as well as winning places in „Złote Firmy Wielkopolski”, („Golden Companies of Wielkopolska”), „Gazele Biznesu” („Gazelles of Business”) and „Poznański Lider Przedsiębiorczości” („Poznań Business Leader”) contests - and you know we are a dependable partner.

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